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Cleaning solar and photovoltaic panels

Equipment for maintenance and cleaning of photovoltaic parks

SolarClean is a machine designed for cleaning the active façade of solar and photovoltaic panels from contamination due to atmospheric agents, sand, pollution, bird droppings, dead insects, leaves, etc.
With SolarClean equipment you can easily dedicate yourself to the maintenance and cleaning of photovoltaic parks.
Cleaning is an operation to be carried out periodically to prevent the loss of effectiveness of the system.
Following tests carried out on a photovoltaic panel system, it was found that the difference in average energy produced by the dirty panels and that produced by clean panels can be 0.10 kWh or about 5% of daily production.
This difference in the energy yield of the panels is accentuated especially on days when the level of solar radiation is very high.
In situations where there are sticky or guano dirt, it is therefore useful to proceed with a professional cleaning with demineralized water and special brushes.

Versions of SolarClean

The SolarClean professional machine is offered, in the dedicated self-propelled version, also radio-controlled, in the MINI and PRO models. Both have the ability to work continuously both right and left by simply turning the arm and brush.
The SolarClean MINI version has been designed for fields where panel sails are particularly close.
The SolarClean PRO version instead for fields in which the sails are made up of more rows of panels or the same are placed in a raised position. The latter can also be fitted with a front shredder for grass maintenance when the parks are on the ground.

The SolarClean equipment can also be applied to any self-propelled vehicle (tractor, truck, etc.) to be able to use it effectively for the maintenance of any photovoltaic park regardless of the number, size and angle of the panel modules, and to cleaning work of other extended surfaces.