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Cleaning solar panels

Solar panel cleaning equipment

SolarClean solar panels professional cleaning

News from Hymach for the professional cleaning of photovoltaic and solar panels: the company with solid experience in agricultural machinery for grass mowing and professional remote-controlled brush cutters with hydraulic movement arm, offers a professional solution that allows for perfect cleaning complete with photovoltaic and solar panels quickly and safely.
It is well known that the cleaning of photovoltaic and solar panels is essential to keep them in a state of maximum efficiency.

The soiling caused by atmospheric agents, fumes from production activities, organic crystallized manure, insects, lead to a gradual lowering of the efficiency and energy yield of the panels, which varies according to the environmental and local situations.

For the photovoltaic parks, Hymach has produced and tested, obtaining the desired results both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, SolarClean, the professional cleaning machine for photovoltaic and solar panels by rotating brushes to be applied to self-propelled vehicles and agricultural tractors .

Maintenance and professional cleaning of road barriers

The potential of SolarClean does not end with solar panels, in fact it can be used for cleaning road barriers …

Equipment for maintenance and cleaning of photovoltaic parks

With SolarClean equipment you can easily dedicate yourself to the maintenance and cleaning of photovoltaic parks …

Information request and quote for SolarClean

Request more information or send a quote request for Solarclean, the solar panel cleaning tool …