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Cleaning solar and photovoltaic panels

Rotating brushes for cleaning photovoltaic and solar panels

SolarClean, the professional machine designed for cleaning photovoltaic and solar panels, uses rotating brushes made of thread-like bristles in scratch-resistant material that ensures the removal of dirt without damaging the solar panel.

A water supply system, or other detergent solution, is placed in front to preventively act on the dirt to be removed.
The automatic system on SolarClean allows you to keep the distance between the brush and the solar or photovoltaic panels constant to prevent it from getting too close to the panel and damaging it due to irregularities in the ground or modules that are not perfectly parallel.

SolarClean’s rotating brushes are ideal for washing and cleaning photovoltaic panel systems or very large photovoltaic parks because the operator’s work is reduced to a minimum.

On SolarClean you have the possibility to replace the brush group with other types depending on the surface to be cleaned.